The year was 4032, a sneaker maker named Luca received a radio wave signal from the planet N ï k á with devastating news about Earth. There was going to be a catastrophic event which would flood the planet, and only he could save the future of the sneaker culture. The extraterrestrials advised Luca to acquire all the sneaker DNA, from all the different species on earth. Luca decided he had to ride the wave because the only other option was to be swept away. During his time at sea he created his own shoe, called the ETH Sneak. After spotting a patch of land in the midst of the ocean, he excitedly began to sail towards the land. Upon first arrival the inhabitants were very welcoming and admired Luca's fresh kicks. They then introduced Luca to their Alpha, named Chief Barefoot, who often told a legend of a chosen one who would come and save their soles. When Luca arrived at Chief Barefoot’s underground city, he was recruited to create a huge quantity of shoes for the tribal pack members. Upon creating the full collection Luca realized that 6 sneakers had disappeared. When he went to confront Chief Barefoot, he was told the extraterrestrials of N ï k á abducted them to learn about their deconstruction components, and thus the Mysterious 6 were gone into the infinite universe. Unable to retrieve them, Luca continued his mission to become the greatest shoe designer, knowing one day, the Mysterious 6 would return back to earth.

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