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Leland K Richardson is Wolf Lee

Hi my name is Leland K. Richardson lll and I go by the pseudonym "Wolf Lee."I’m the Artist behind all the Art content on this site. I’ve been affiliated with Art since I was a kid from doodling on colored construction paper, to learning graphic based programs and finding my place as a Graphic Designer.

Art has always been my outlet to express my vivid imagination and creativity. I love Art but never really had time to pursue my dreams as a Artist. But after Covid-19, my whole perspective changed and I decided it was time to pursue my passion, it was either now or never.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”
- Vincent Van Gogh

NFTs and Blockchains have paved a extraordinary path for Artists and has greatly inspired me, to avoid all anxieties and doubts and strive to get my Art seen by the world. I refuse to put down my sword and shield to forfeit this fight, determination is inevitable!

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